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image16The members and volunteers of YanAnga all share the same conviction: each man is a journey itself. Thus our aim is to encourage international solidarity as well as a better understanding and closeness between peoples. In this regard, YanAnga proposes trips that comply with the principles of eco-friendly and solidarity tourism. This kind of “alternative”, ethical and useful tourism puts the gathering and the development of the visited territories at the heart of the trip.

In concrete terms, YanAnga supports some rural and urban communities, whether in Europe or in Morocco, in order to allow them to host small groups of a dozen travelers. In return, they undertake to respect the environment and the lifestyle of the visited populations. For more information, do not hesitate to consult our “Solidarity trips” section.

In order to promote intercultural exchanges, YanAnga also organizes different activities such as language courses, outings or trainings. Our language courses are particularly innovative. As a matter of fact, each course is given by two qualified native speakers, in a friendly atmosphere. This approach ensures that our courses are tailor-made in order to meet the specific needs of participants. Furthermore, our courses are based on an exclusive methodology: oral, nothing but oral. Thanks to YanAnga, the tedious learning of grammar will soon be a distant memory for you. Go to our “Language courses” section and rediscover with pleasure, during your upcoming journeys, that a language is spoken before it is written.

Moreover, our organization carries out local and international development projects in some remote areas of Morocco or Europe.