YanAnga is based on fundamental values which make its rationale and guide its activity.


YanAnga has been founded by altruistic entrepreneurs so it is strongly attached to innovation. The latter is even more crucial as the tourism sector is changing fast today, which is a continuous challenge that requires more and more performance. As Luc de Brabandère wrote “Innovating is changing the reality of things”, it is actually offering different services and keeping on pushing back its limits in order to build a more united world.


As it bases its work on values of respect and solidarity, YanAnga does not allow itself any kind of discrimination, ensures observance of this principle, and ensures freedom of conscience for each of its members. Thus since its origin, YanAnga is powered by strong ethics and deeply humanistic aspirations. Diversity and difference should be considered a wealth, a source of dynamism and progress. Respecting the other is welcoming him regardless of his limits, it is being careful with him while being able to fulfill our commitments over time. In the eyes of every member of YanAnga, those words are not vain, they are a daily reality.


The satisfaction of our beneficiaries and partners is a constant priority. Observing this requirement necessarily involves the quality of the services offered by YanAnga and the skills of its teams.


As it places Man in the heart of its activity, our organism aims for perfection. Thus we wish to offer our beneficiaries the best, regarding our diverse activities as well as our solidarity trips.


Transparency is a founding principle of YanAnga. Being transparent consists in demonstrating honesty while being able to justify its actions at any moment. In this regard, YanAnga regularly informs the donors about its actions and the use of their donations.