Presentation of the project’s coordinating structure:

YanAnga aims to promote intercultural exchanges and international solidarity in France, Morocco and most broadly all over Europe. In order to reach its goals, our structure organizes all kinds of activities which could encourage closeness between peoples, carries out local and international development projects, and works for solidarity tourism. This type of fair and eco-friendly tourism, which assumes that each person is a travel, contributes to durably improve the living conditions of the host populations.

Country: Morocco

Intervention zone: center of Morocco

Volunteers’ work sites:

The missions will simultaneously take place in the villages of Sebt Ennabour, Arbaa Sahel, Inchaden, and Zaouiat Ouzdine, and in the town of Tiznit. There will be 2 or 3 volunteers per village/town and one visit will be organized to every village/town.

Job titles:

  • Mission head “socio-educational project manager”.
  • Mission head “manager of edutainment activities”.
  • Mission head  “project coordinator”

Objectives of the project:

  • Contributing to the stabilization of vulnerable populations in the region who risk to migrate by combatting early school-leaving and social inequalities. In order to attain this objective, we will conduct foreign language courses (French, English, Spanish, etc.) and edutainment activities, in partnership with the educational institutions and the cultural centers of the villages and the city where the project will take place. This objective is very significant since the Moroccan education system operates inefficiently, particularly when it comes to the teaching of modern foreign languages.
  • Preserving and promoting the traditional techniques along with the local cultural and natural heritages, consolidating the technical skills of young girls and encouraging the commercialization of several natural resources, such as argan oil. All of it will be carried out thanks to different activities open only to women and children (girls and boys).
  • Organizing a campaign caravan on health awareness-raising and prevention that will offer medical consultations and advice to the greatest number of people. The targeted zones will be the deprived ones and those where the access to medical care is still difficult. Our caravan will also inform the inhabitants on how to change some behaviors in order to adopt healthier habits. As a priority, the beneficiaries will be: women, children, and elderly people. The medical consultations will be undertaken by an interdisciplinary team of doctors and nurses.

Nature of the mission:

In close cooperation with the local team and under the supervision of YanAnga’s president, the volunteer will be in charge of:

  • guaranteeing 4 hours of language lessons per day, except for Fridays and Saturdays;
  • undertaking different edutainment activities (such as sport activities, theatre workshops, artistic activities, etc.);
  • helping in the organization and the preparation of the campaign caravan on health awareness-raising and prevention;
  • diagnosing and identifying new necessities as they appear;
  • preparing and undertaking awareness-raising workshops on preservation of the environment.

Volunteer’s profile and conditions to apply for a mission

Desired education: university student, graduated student, and/or passionate about languages (ESL, medical school, engineering school, studies related to animation, etc.), with knowledge on teaching, project management, and fair trade.

Desired interpersonal skills:  openness, sensitivity towards other cultures, adaptability, analytical and observational skills, diplomacy and organization, ability to communicate and to work in group.

Desired technical skills:

Knowledge in teaching and in sustainable development, speaking and writing fluency, computer skills, aptitude to manage.


A first experience of at least 3 months in the domain of solidarity will be required (engagement in non-profit associations, civic service, etc.).


Interest in teaching, culture, health, and environment; listening and observation skills; interest in teamwork, strong adaptability, versatility.

Important information:

Status: volunteer for international solidarity

Costs of participation: € 270 par volunteer (This amount includes all the meals and homestay accommodation)

The volunteer will be under the hierarchical responsibility of: Clara Espinosa Díaz, general coordinator, and Rachid Baid, YanAnga’s president

Expected duration of the mission: 1 month (August 2017)


In order to contact us, send us your CV and a motivation letter to contact@yananga.org before may 30th 2017.

Please indicate the following subject: “Candidature VSI – MOROCCO”