Language and culture exchange

Language and culture exchange

with YanAnga

Casual conversation all saturday at 4pm around an Uno part

The Language and Culture Exchange is a scheme based on the idea of connecting two or more peoples who speak different languages to learn from one another. For example, a arabic or french speaking who wants to improve their English will be paired up with an or more english speaking who wants to learn arabic or french. The focus is not only on learning the language but also understanding the customs and traditions of that country, in a relaxed atmosphere.

How will I benefit?

  • You’ll learn the basics of a new language or practice another language you speak
  • You’ll have fun meeting new friends, developing your professional network, share experiences and build confidence
  • It’ll improve your career prospects and demonstrates that you are open to new experiences and people
  • A symbolic participation of £ 2 (organizational costs).
  • Location: Costa Coffee, 78 South Bridge – Edinburgh EH1 1HN

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Volunteer missions in Morocco (July 2019 – £ 300) – FOR MORE INFORMATION click on this link: